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    This section if for general FAQ's for website and membership for Rider Friendly Support Network.

    Check your email. (spam folder too) You should have received an email with a confirmation link to click to finish your registration. 

    change profile typeGo to your Profile Page

    From the dropdown under Profile, choose Edit Profile





    Located on the top of the information tab you will see

    "Your current profile type: Rider Friendly Member  Change

    Rider Friendly Member" 

    Click Change and change to Rider Friendly Support Network


    Go to your profile. On the far right of the profile menu you will see a logout button:


    This section is for questions relating to Rider Friendly Business Member accounts.

    Bookmarks allow you to follow businesses - like making your own directory of businesses you want to deal with.

    Allows customers to send messages to the business

    You email  bdbetty@beltdrivebettymedia.com and ask to become part of the Fast Five

    Google Maps displays addresses in a particular format. If your address is not appearing in the dropdown, try playing with the format a bit. If Google Maps has a difficult time finding your address, you may have to fill in the address fields manually.  There is also a box you can check if you would like only your City and Province/State to display.  This is a good option for owners of home-based businesses who prefer privacy.