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    Road Trip Rita's Travel Trivia

    Road Trip Rita's Travel Trivia

    Road Trip Rita loves to travel by motorcycle

    Challenge yourself and your friends with Rita's Travel Trivia

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    Today's Trivia Challenge is brought to you by:


    Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association

    Tourism Destinations with Purpose

    1. What City is home to Big Bruce the Bull?

    Big Bruce the Bull

    2. If you are visiting the Canatara Beach and Park, you are in what city?

    Cantara Park

    3. Her Majesty's / St. Paul's Chapel of the Mohawks is located in what city?

    Mohawk Chapel

    4. This small town is home to Fort Wellington

    Fort Wellington


    5. The Terry Fox Memorial and Lookout is situated in this city.

    Terry Fox

    6. The McCrae House is located in this city.

    McCrae House


    7. If you can see the Spirit Catcher Sculpture you must be in this city.

    Spirit Catcher

    8. What city does the Royal Ontario Museum call home?

    Royal Ontario Museum




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