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    Flat Tail Freddy

    Belt Drive Betty's Motorcycle Safety Beaver Mascot

    Flat Tail Freddy's Motorcycle Trivia

    Motorcycle Safety and Training News

    Motorcycle News Feeds brought to you by Belt Drive Betty dot com

    Motorcycle News Feeds brought to you by Belt Drive Betty dot com

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    If you like Flat Tail Freddy you are going to love the Bikers are Animals book by Paul Jamiol, Flat Tail Freddy's creator.

    Flat Tail Freddy's BIO:

    Born: January 15th, 2014
    Hometown: Grande Prairie AB
    Height: 3” 3” Weight: 70 lbs.
    School: Beaverlodge High
    Guilty Pleasures: Like Tim Horton’s is for most riders, Beavertails are the guilty pleasure of most beavers, myself included.
    Favourite Food: Cattails
    Turn Ons: A sexy orange toothed Smile! (Beaver’s teeth have a high content of iron in them making them orange in color and extremely strong and self sharpening.)
    Turn Off’s: A dirty beaver
    Favourite song to sing in the shower: I’m Proud to be a Beaver 
    Favourite Band: Evil Beaver
    Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: The Bionic Beaver Cocktail
    Favourite Non Alcoholic Beverage: Like Belt Drive Betty, I love good Coffee, the Beaver Rock Roastery Blends are my favourite.      
    Favourite Clothing Company: Beaver Canoe Company beavercanoe.com
    Favourite Political Party: The Beaver Party of Canada
    Favourite Author: Paul Jamiol Favourite Book: Bikers are Animals 4
    Working and Riding Event I’d like to attend someday: Rally in the Beaver Valley, Fruitvale BC
    Goals & Dreams: Be the best damned safety ambassador that motorcyclists could hope for.
    Ambition: To see all riders get home safe and sound so that they may ride another day.