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    Riderfriendly.com values your opinion.  Thank you for helping us build the best motorcycle rider resource on the interwebs.  

    Please fill out the brief form below. You will receive a confirmation email. Within 72 hours your referral will be forwarded to a friendly staff member who will reach out and invite the business to join RiderFriendly.com. If the business joins as a premium business member within 60 of the invitation, you will be issued payment of $25 cdn or $20 usd*. That's right you get $25 cdn or $20 usd PER REFERRAL. There is no limit to how many referrals you give us, however we do ask that you search the the directory first to avoid duplication. MAKE MONEY FOR YOUR RIDING CLUB - get your riding club membership referring businesses!

    A friendly staff member will send you a message within 72 hours of your referred business purchasing their membership to find out how you would like your payment. (e-transfer, paypal etc)  


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